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Definition of Braille


  1. A system of printing or writing for the blind in which the characters are represented by tangible points or dots. It was invented by Louis Braille, a French teacher of the blind.

Braille Quotations

Of course I read Braille, yes.
Stevie Wonder

Learning to read music in Braille and play by ear helped me develop a damn good memory.
Ray Charles

Like I've always said, love wouldn't be blind if the braille weren't so damned much fun.
Armistead Maupin

When I was 13, I started working in a nightclub with Ray Charles. That's the greatest school in the world, the school of the streets. Ray taught me how to read in Braille. He was only two years older than me, but it was like he was 100 years older.
Quincy Jones

Louis Braille created the code of raised dots for reading and writing that bears his name and brings literacy, independence, and productivity to the blind.
Bob Ney
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Braille Translations

braille in Dutch is blindenschrift, braille
braille in Dutch is braille, blindenschrift
braille in German is Blindenschrift
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