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Definition of Bragging


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Bragging Quotations

It's not bragging if you can back it up.
Muhammad Ali

I would say things like 'I am the greatest! I'm pretty! If you talk jive, you'll drop in five! I float like a butterfly, sting like a bee! I'm pretty!' When white people heard me talking like this, some said, 'That black man talks too much. He's bragging.'
Muhammad Ali

Freedom isn't free. It shouldn't be a bragging point that 'Oh, I don't get involved in politics,' as if that makes someone cleaner. No, that makes you derelict of duty in a republic. Liars and panderers in government would have a much harder time of it if so many people didn't insist on their right to remain ignorant and blindly agreeable.
Bill Maher

If you done it, it ain't bragging.
Walt Whitman

There is a difference between conceit and confidence. Conceit is bragging about yourself. Confidence means you believe you can get the job done.
Johnny Unitas
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Bragging Translations

bragging in German is angeberisch, prahlend, Aufschneiderei {f}
bragging in Latin is iactantia
bragging in Spanish is fanfarronada
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