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Definition of Boyhood


  1. The state of being a boy; the time during which one is a boy.

Boyhood Quotations

Right now I'm living my boyhood dream, which was to play for a European club. The fact that it's a huge club like Barcelona makes it a tremendous honour. I like everything about the city: the climate, the people. It's quite similar to Brazil, which helps a lot. There's even a beach!

The peculiar fascination which the South held over my imagination and my limited capital decided me in favor of Atlanta University; so about the last of September I bade farewell to the friends and scenes of my boyhood and boarded a train for the South.
James Weldon Johnson

If boyhood and youth are but vanity, must it not be our ambition to become men?
Vincent Van Gogh

I'm hardly digging trenches for a living. I'm getting to tap into my boyhood fantasies of being a larger-than-life character.
Joel Edgerton

All my boyhood, all I ever wanted was to be loved.
Norman Wisdom
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Boyhood Translations

boyhood in German is Kindheit, Jugend, Jugend
boyhood in Spanish is muchachez
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