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Definition of Boxed


  1. of Box

Boxed Quotations

I did get to keep the wedding dresses from 'Runaway Bride'. They're all boxed up in my garage. I've never opened them. It'll be fun one day when Hazel is taller. She can play dress-up with her friends.
Julia Roberts

Life is not simple, and people can't be boxed into being either heroes or villains.
Jessica Hagedorn

It's so easy to be boxed into one part and one part only.
Jennifer Aniston

I've always boxed, I always taught boxing.
Adam Carolla

We put limitations on the way that we think about things, on ourselves, think about all the boxes we live in, male or female, you're this age, that age, this is your job, this is not your job, everything is about getting boxed in.
Brit Marling
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Boxed Translations

boxed in German is verpackte
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