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Definition of Bosom


  1. The breast of a human being; the part, between the arms, to which anything is pressed when embraced by them.
  2. The breast, considered as the seat of the passions, affections, and operations of the mind; consciousness; secret thoughts.
  3. Embrace; loving or affectionate inclosure; fold.
  4. Any thing or place resembling the breast; a supporting surface; an inner recess; the interior; as, the bosom of the earth.
  5. The part of the dress worn upon the breast; an article, or a portion of an article, of dress to be worn upon the breast; as, the bosom of a shirt; a linen bosom.
  6. Inclination; desire.
  7. A depression round the eye of a millstone.
  8. Of or pertaining to the bosom.
  9. Intimate; confidential; familiar; trusted; cherished; beloved; as, a bosom friend.
  10. To inclose or carry in the bosom; to keep with care; to take to heart; to cherish.
  11. To conceal; to hide from view; to embosom.
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Bosom Translations

bosom in Afrikaans is bors
bosom in Danish is bryst, barm
bosom in Dutch is boezem, borst
bosom in Finnish is rinta
bosom in French is sein, poitrine
bosom in German is Busen
bosom in Hungarian is kebel, mell
bosom in Norwegian is barm, bryst
bosom in Portuguese is seio, peito
bosom in Spanish is pecho