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Definition of Booty


  1. That which is seized by violence or obtained by robbery, especially collective spoil taken in war; plunder; pillage.

Booty Quotations

I ain't no movie star, man. I'm a booty star.
Richard Pryor

It's about giving the people what they want. So many people have told me that they've made love to my records so what I've delivered this time is an album about sex. Pretty much every song has that theme. Straight no chasers, it's booty music!
Tyrese Gibson

I don't mind having a big butt - they're back in style. But I do a lot of squats to make sure my booty's not dragging on the ground.
Miranda Lambert

When I discovered Gil Scott-Heron, I discovered a musical hero, a man who spoke baritone truth to power over jazzy funk at a time when funky music was primarily about shake, shake, shaking your booty.
Will Hermes

I'm Cuban, so I like a bit of curve. I just want my booty to have a little lift!
Odette Annable
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Booty Translations

booty in Danish is bytte
booty in Dutch is buit
booty in French is butin
booty in German is Beute
booty in Latin is prenda, praeda, spolium
booty in Swedish is byte
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