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Definition of Booty


  1. That which is seized by violence or obtained by robbery, especially collective spoil taken in war; plunder; pillage.

Booty Quotations

I've always had a booty even when I was a baby, and when I was in high school and was skinny, I still had the booty. In Hollywood's eyes, the perfect women has to be a stick figure, tall, blonde hair, with big boobs.
Coco Austin

I ain't no movie star, man. I'm a booty star.
Richard Pryor

I come from a family of well-endowed booty women.

I was told I was fat in the modeling world, and a director on a shoot told me I needed to lose weight. The J-Lo booty wasn't popular then, and I wanted to be the perfect Hollywood girl - tall, blonde and skinny. I couldn't do the 'tall' because I was 5'2, and I couldn't do the skinny, either.
Coco Austin

I feel like my figure is a challenge because I'm quite flat chested but I've got a booty so I've got to look for the right things.
Ellie Goulding
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Booty Translations

booty in Danish is bytte
booty in Dutch is buit
booty in French is butin
booty in German is Beute
booty in Latin is prenda, praeda, spolium
booty in Swedish is byte
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