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Definition of Boa


  1. A genus of large American serpents, including the boa constrictor, the emperor boa of Mexico (B. imperator), and the chevalier boa of Peru (B. eques).
  2. A long, round fur tippet; -- so called from its resemblance in shape to the boa constrictor.

Boa Quotations

Right whales, for all their size, are surprisingly athletic. They roll, they slap their flukes, they lift their heads out of the water in a move known as a spy hop. They find playthings and are particularly fond of swimming repeatedly through clumps of seaweed, which slides over them like a feathered boa.
Tim Cahill

Democracy! Bah! When I hear that I reach for my feather boa!
Allen Ginsberg

Success took me to her bosom like a maternal boa constrictor.
Noel Coward

He and I were about as compatible as a rat and a boa constrictor.
Stevie Nicks

I have been wearing black, which was a reaction to the Ginger thing. But now I have hopes and I can be anything. Tomorrow I might be naked with a feather boa, who knows?
Geri Halliwell
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Boa Translations

boa in Dutch is boa
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