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Definition of Blur


  1. To render obscure by making the form or outline of confused and uncertain, as by soiling; to smear; to make indistinct and confused; as, to blur manuscript by handling it while damp; to blur the impression of a woodcut by an excess of ink.
  2. To cause imperfection of vision in; to dim; to darken.
  3. To sully; to stain; to blemish, as reputation.
  4. That which obscures without effacing; a stain; a blot, as upon paper or other substance.
  5. A dim, confused appearance; indistinctness of vision; as, to see things with a blur; it was all blur.
  6. A moral stain or blot.

Blur Quotations

The supreme accomplishment is to blur the line between work and play. - Arnold J. Toynbee
The supreme accomplishment is to blur the line between work and play.
Arnold J. Toynbee

As a parent, I can empathize with how difficult raising children can be. There are challenges, especially within the framework of divorce, when parental guilt can sometimes blur what should be the best decision.
LZ Granderson

Life flies by, and it's easy to get lost in the blur. In adolescence, it's 'How do I fit in?' In your 20s, it's 'What do I want to do?' In your 30s, 'Is this what I'm meant to do?' I think the trick is living the questions. Not worrying so much about what's ahead but rather sitting in the grey area - being OK with where you are.
Chris Pine

Most days it feels as if the world is whirling around me and I am standing still. In slow motion, I watch the colors blur; people and faces all become a massive wash.
Sarah Kay

All your life, you live so close to truth, it becomes a permanent blur in the corner of your eye. And when something nudges it into outline, it is like being ambushed by a grotesque.
Tom Stoppard
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Blur Translations

blur in Dutch is vervagen
blur in German is Verschleierung, Unklarheit
blur in Norwegian is dimme
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