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Definition of Blazer


  1. One who spreads reports or blazes matters abroad.
  2. Anything that blazes or glows, as with heat or flame.
  3. A light jacket, usually of wool or silk and of a bright color, for wear at tennis, cricket, or other sport.
  4. The dish used when cooking directly over the flame of a chafing-dish lamp, or the coals of a brasier.

Blazer Quotations

I like to keep a uniform - wear a blazer, try to keep the same colour pants; very tailored, very fitted but still edgy.
Theophilus London

When you're young, the blue blazer feels like a grown-up costume.
Willie Geist

During holiday parties I end up recycling a lot of my cocktail dresses and just wearing a layering piece, like a blazer and tights, with it.
Lauren Conrad

I will be 60 or 70 years old still rocking my Chanel blazer with my hair all coiffed.
Johnny Weir

It's downright undignified how many blazers I've bought over the years. And will continue to buy. They immediately give shape and add authority. With the perfect blazer, anything is possible.
Rashida Jones
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Blazer Translations

blazer in Swedish is klubbrock
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