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Definition of Bee


  1. p. p. of Be; -- used for been.
  2. An insect of the order Hymenoptera, and family Apidae (the honeybees), or family Andrenidae (the solitary bees.) See Honeybee.
  3. A neighborly gathering of people who engage in united labor for the benefit of an individual or family; as, a quilting bee; a husking bee; a raising bee.
  4. Pieces of hard wood bolted to the sides of the bowsprit, to reeve the fore-topmast stays through; -- called also bee blocks.
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Bee Translations

bee in Danish is bi
bee in Dutch is honingbij, bij
bee in French is abeille
bee in German is Wettbewerb, Biene, Biene
bee in Italian is ape
bee in Norwegian is bie
bee in Portuguese is abelha
bee in Spanish is abeja
bee in Swedish is bi