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Definition of Bedtime


  1. The time to go to bed.

Bedtime Quotations

Three meals plus bedtime make four sure blessings a day.
Mason Cooley

We have a demon, we have an angel inside, within our souls, and you just play with it, and sometimes the evil part of you wins the battle, in a very important decision, or in a bedtime, with your lover. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.
Demian Bichir

Any kid will run any errand for you, if you ask at bedtime.
Red Skelton

Unfortunately, I suffer from insomnia, so my bedtime is as soon as I start to feel the least bit sleepy.
Cheyenne Jackson

Children, I mean, think of your own childhood, how important the bedtime story was. How important these imaginary experiences were for you. They helped shape reality, and I think human beings wouldn't be human without narrative fiction.
Paul Auster
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Bedtime Translations

bedtime in German is Schlafenszeit
bedtime in Spanish is hora de acostarse
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