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Definition of Beau


  1. A man who takes great care to dress in the latest fashion; a dandy.
  2. A man who escorts, or pays attentions to, a lady; an escort; a lover.

Beau Quotations

Most fathers don't see the war within the daughter, her struggles with conflicting images of the idealized and flawed father, her temptation both to retreat to Daddy's lap and protection and to push out of his embrace to that of beau and the world beyond home.
Victoria Secunda

Some women feel the best cure for a broken heart is a new beau.
Gene Tierney

I love wearing a lot of color, and I am majorly into scarves. I'm the Beau Brummell of Fleetwood Mac, no doubt.
Mick Fleetwood

I do have the most adorable little Chihuahua mix. I adopted him about 3 1/2 years ago from Much Love pet adoption, and he has been the love of my life ever since. His name is Beau, or as my sister and I like to call him ' mushy mush' because he truly is just a pile of loving mush that just melts in your arms.
Torrey DeVitto

As far as Beau is concerned, we're on the same team, we root for each other. If my parts are slightly more attractive, or are perceived that way by others, he's very content.
Jeff Bridges
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Beau Translations

beau in German is Stutzer
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