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Definition of Beating


  1. of Beat
  2. The act of striking or giving blows; punishment or chastisement by blows.
  3. Pulsation; throbbing; as, the beating of the heart.
  4. Pulsative sounds. See Beat, n.
  5. The process of sailing against the wind by tacks in zigzag direction.

Beating Quotations

Don't spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door.
Coco Chanel

If you even dream of beating me you'd better wake up and apologize.
Muhammad Ali

Sad will be the day for any man when he becomes contented with the thoughts he is thinking and the deeds he is doing - where there is not forever beating at the doors of his soul some great desire to do something larger; which he knows he was meant and made to do.
Phillips Brooks

'Aladdin' was probably my favorite Disney animation when I was a kid. The animation was great and Robin Williams was unbelievable as the Genie. 'Aladdin' was an amazing adventure and the lead character was a hero for guys, which I loved. It wasn't a princess or a girl beating the odds; it was a street rat. That seemed really cool to me.
Zachary Levi

Even an animal, if you show genuine affection, gradually trust develops... If you always showing bad face and beating, how can you develop friendship?
Dalai Lama
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Beating Translations

beating in French is abattant, pulsation, battant
beating in Latin is pulsus
beating in Spanish is paliza, pulsacion
beating in Swedish is avbasning, stryk
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