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Definition of Beating


  1. of Beat
  2. The act of striking or giving blows; punishment or chastisement by blows.
  3. Pulsation; throbbing; as, the beating of the heart.
  4. Pulsative sounds. See Beat, n.
  5. The process of sailing against the wind by tacks in zigzag direction.

Beating Quotations

Don't spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door.
Coco Chanel

If you even dream of beating me you'd better wake up and apologize.
Muhammad Ali

I'm looking for laughs, you know? If it take me to flip over a table, if I have to go physical comedy, I will do it. But whatever the joke needs at that particular time, is where I'm dedicated to. I'm not into beating somebody down and beating myself up. I don't do insults and things like that. I don't do it - I'm a storyteller.
Bernie Mac

As far as wrestling goes, as long as my body is able to withstand the physical beating, I will keep wrestling.
Trish Stratus

I mean, there's no arguing. There is no anything. There is no beating around the bush. 'You're fired' is a very strong term.
Donald Trump
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Beating Translations

beating in French is abattant, pulsation, battant
beating in Latin is pulsus
beating in Spanish is paliza, pulsacion
beating in Swedish is avbasning, stryk
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