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Definition of Bearer


  1. One who, or that which, bears, sustains, or carries.
  2. Specifically: One who assists in carrying a body to the grave; a pallbearer.
  3. A palanquin carrier; also, a house servant.
  4. A tree or plant yielding fruit; as, a good bearer.
  5. One who holds a check, note, draft, or other order for the payment of money; as, pay to bearer.
  6. A strip of reglet or other furniture to bear off the impression from a blank page; also, a type or type-high piece of metal interspersed in blank parts to support the plate when it is shaved.

Bearer Quotations

No man loves the bearer of bad tidings.

I love and reverence the Word, the bearer of the spirit, the tool and gleaming ploughshare of progress.
Thomas Mann

A dream is the bearer of a new possibility, the enlarged horizon, the great hope.
Howard Thurman

Paul Bearer was very influential in the early stages of my career. He constantly hounded me and I just think he realized the potential that was there. He convinced me that I was in the right place and doing the right thing.
John Cena
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Bearer Translations

bearer in Spanish is portador
bearer in Swedish is innehavare

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