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Definition of Bearded


  1. of Beard
  2. Having a beard.

Bearded Quotations

The basic thing a man should know is how to change a tyre and how to drive a tractor. Whatever that bearded dude is doing on the Dos Equis beer commercials sets the bar. That's your guy. Every man should be aiming to be like him. The beard is just the tip of the iceberg.
Timothy Olyphant

Henry David Thoreau was an oddball job quitter and ne'er-do-well who evolved into the bearded sage of literature, natural history, and civil liberties.
Michael Sims

I laugh at absurdity hardest, then stories, then observations, then bearded men on roller skates.
T. J. Miller

All the men in my family were bearded, and most of the women.
W. C. Fields

If you look over the course of a hundred years, I think the gradual erosion of the consensus that's held our country together is probably more serious than a few bearded terrorists who fly into buildings.
Pat Robertson
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Bearded Translations

bearded in Spanish is barbado
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