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Definition of Be


  1. To exist actually, or in the world of fact; to have ex/stence.
  2. To exist in a certain manner or relation, -- whether as a reality or as a product of thought; to exist as the subject of a certain predicate, that is, as having a certain attribute, or as belonging to a certain sort, or as identical with what is specified, -- a word or words for the predicate being annexed; as, to be happy; to be here; to be large, or strong; to be an animal; to be a hero; to be a nonentity; three and two are five; annihilation is the cessation of existence; that is the man.
  3. To take place; to happen; as, the meeting was on Thursday.
  4. To signify; to represent or symbolize; to answer to.

Be Translations

be in Afrikaans is wees
be in Dutch is zijn, verkeren, wezen
be in Finnish is olla
be in German is sein
be in Italian is devoto, sua
be in Latin is exsisto
be in Portuguese is estar, seja, ser
be in Spanish is adicto, suyo, estar, ser
be in Swedish is uppsagd, att vara eller inte vara, vara, bli