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Definition of Battery


  1. The act of battering or beating.
  2. The unlawful beating of another. It includes every willful, angry and violent, or negligent touching of another's person or clothes, or anything attached to his person or held by him.
  3. Any place where cannon or mortars are mounted, for attack or defense.
  4. Two or more pieces of artillery in the field.
  5. A company or division of artillery, including the gunners, guns, horses, and all equipments. In the United States, a battery of flying artillery consists usually of six guns.
  6. A number of coated jars (Leyden jars) so connected that they may be charged and discharged simultaneously.
  7. An apparatus for generating voltaic electricity.
  8. A number of similar machines or devices in position; an apparatus consisting of a set of similar parts; as, a battery of boilers, of retorts, condensers, etc.
  9. A series of stamps operated by one motive power, for crushing ores containing the precious metals.
  10. The box in which the stamps for crushing ore play up and down.
  11. The pitcher and catcher together.
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Battery Translations

battery in Afrikaans is battery
battery in Danish is batteri, akkumulator
battery in Dutch is accu, accumulator
battery in French is accumulateur, batterie
battery in German is Batterie, Stromversorgung
battery in Italian is accumulatore, batteria
battery in Norwegian is akkumulator, batteri
battery in Portuguese is bateria
battery in Swedish is batteri