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Definition of Batten


  1. To make fat by plenteous feeding; to fatten.
  2. To fertilize or enrich, as land.
  3. To grow fat; to grow fat in ease and luxury; to glut one's self.
  4. A strip of sawed stuff, or a scantling; as, (a) pl. (Com. & Arch.) Sawed timbers about 7 by 2 1/2 inches and not less than 6 feet long. Brande & C. (b) (Naut.) A strip of wood used in fastening the edges of a tarpaulin to the deck, also around masts to prevent chafing. (c) A long, thin strip used to strengthen a part, to cover a crack, etc.
  5. To furnish or fasten with battens.
  6. The movable bar of a loom, which strikes home or closes the threads of a woof.

Batten Translations

batten in German is gedeihen