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Definition of Barking


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Barking Quotations

Truth is a good dog; but always beware of barking too close to the heels of an error, lest you get your brains kicked out.
Francis Bacon

Some actresses are just insane. I've never worked with a nasty actress - they're all absolutely delightful. But completely barking.
Daniel Radcliffe

Sometimes you have to understand that you push ahead, there's going to be a lot of flak, there's going to be a lot of dogs barking, but the wagon train moves ahead.
Juan Williams

Feed the dogs. I hate to hear them barking like that.
Lillie Langtry

If you are a junkyard dog, you assume that that's what life is: chained up, barking all day.
Bruce Robinson
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Barking Translations

barking in German is bellend
barking in Latin is latratus
barking in Swedish is skall
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