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Definition of Baritone


  1. See Barytone.
  2. Grave and deep, as a kind of male voice.
  3. Not marked with an accent on the last syllable, the grave accent being understood.
  4. A male voice, the compass of which partakes of the common bass and the tenor, but which does not descend as low as the one, nor rise as high as the other.
  5. A person having a voice of such range.
  6. The viola di gamba, now entirely disused.
  7. A word which has no accent marked on the last syllable, the grave accent being understood.

Baritone Quotations

I play the baritone horn - which is like a mini tuba, and is the least sexy instrument you can choose, and I generally say I don't play one so I don't have to acknowledge it. I also play fife.
Steve Carell

I don't have that kind of voice, the big baritone or rousing tenor sound. My wheelhouse was in the frothier pieces. So my appreciation for those older musicals and revivals grew.
Jesse Tyler Ferguson

After I learned the piano, I went on to learn percussion, the tuba, b-flat baritone, French horn, trombone, trumpet, most of the instruments in the orchestra. Trumpet was my instrument.
Quincy Jones

When I discovered Gil Scott-Heron, I discovered a musical hero, a man who spoke baritone truth to power over jazzy funk at a time when funky music was primarily about shake, shake, shaking your booty.
Will Hermes

When I was about forty-three years of age, I had a private secretary with a beautiful baritone voice. I told him I would give anything in the world if I could only carry a tune. He laughed and said, 'Anybody who has a voice and perseverance can sing.'
Heber J. Grant
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Baritone Translations

baritone in Hungarian is baritonista, bariton
baritone in Swedish is baryton
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