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Definition of Bandage


  1. A fillet or strip of woven material, used in dressing and binding up wounds, etc.
  2. Something resembling a bandage; that which is bound over or round something to cover, strengthen, or compress it; a ligature.
  3. To bind, dress, or cover, with a bandage; as, to bandage the eyes.
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Bandage Translations

bandage in Afrikaans is verband
bandage in Danish is bandage
bandage in Dutch is verband, zwachtel
bandage in French is emmailloter, bandons, bandage, bandez, bandent
bandage in German is Verband, verbinden, Verband
bandage in Italian is fasciatura, fascia, bendatura
bandage in Latin is fascia
bandage in Norwegian is bind
bandage in Spanish is faja, vendaje, venda