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Definition of Banality


  1. Something commonplace, hackneyed, or trivial; the commonplace, in speech.

Banality Quotations

My life is short. I can't listen to banality.
V. S. Naipaul

You've gotta be very careful that grace and politeness do not merge into a banality of behavior, where we're just nice, sort of 'death by cupcake.'

The passion for art is, as for believers, very religious. It unites people, its message is of common humanity. Art has become my religion - others pray in church. It's a banality, but you don't possess art, it possesses you. It's like falling in love.
Francois Pinault

Television has lifted the manufacture of banality out of the sphere of handicraft and placed it in that of a major industry.
Nathalie Sarraute

Today Americans are overcome not by the sense of endless possibility but by the banality of the social order they have erected against it.
Christopher Lasch
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Banality Translations

banality in Swedish is banalitet
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