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Definition of Ballast


  1. Any heavy substance, as stone, iron, etc., put into the hold to sink a vessel in the water to such a depth as to prevent capsizing.
  2. Any heavy matter put into the car of a balloon to give it steadiness.
  3. Gravel, broken stone, etc., laid in the bed of a railroad to make it firm and solid.
  4. The larger solids, as broken stone or gravel, used in making concrete.
  5. Fig.: That which gives, or helps to maintain, uprightness, steadiness, and security.
  6. To steady, as a vessel, by putting heavy substances in the hold.
  7. To fill in, as the bed of a railroad, with gravel, stone, etc., in order to make it firm and solid.
  8. To keep steady; to steady, morally.
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Ballast Translations

ballast in Danish is ballast
ballast in Dutch is ballast
ballast in French is ballast, lest
ballast in German is Ballast, Ballast {m}, mit Ballast beladen
ballast in Portuguese is reator
ballast in Swedish is barlast