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Definition of Axe


  1. A tool or instrument of steel, or of iron with a steel edge or blade, for felling trees, chopping and splitting wood, hewing timber, etc. It is wielded by a wooden helve or handle, so fixed in a socket or eye as to be in the same plane with the blade. The broadax, or carpenter's ax, is an ax for hewing timber, made heavier than the chopping ax, and with a broader and thinner blade and a shorter handle.
  2. Alt. of Axeman
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Axe Translations

axe in Dutch is hakbijl, bijl
axe in French is hache
axe in German is Axt {f}, Beil {n}
axe in Latin is securis
axe in Portuguese is machado
axe in Spanish is hacha
axe in Swedish is yxa