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Definition of Awry


  1. Turned or twisted toward one side; not in a straight or true direction, or position; out of the right course; distorted; obliquely; asquint; with oblique vision; as, to glance awry.
  2. Aside from the line of truth, or right reason; unreasonable or unreasonably; perverse or perversely.

Awry Quotations

If a decision-making process is flawed and dysfunctional, decisions will go awry.
Carly Fiorina

It is no use to blame the looking glass if your face is awry.
Nikolai Gogol

It's sometimes too easy to point fingers when circumstances dramatically go awry, but as an addict, I'm ultimately responsible for my own decisions, no matter how benign or tragic the consequences.

It's hard for me to be happy because I'm always worried about something going awry or what could happen to screw it up. It's hard for me to sit and look around, going, 'Ah, I'm really happy.' I'm not that kind of person.
Lisa Marie Presley

When business executives are making the artistic decisions and don't understand animation, things can go awry.
Don Bluth
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Awry Translations

awry in German is krumm
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