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Definition of Away


  1. From a place; hence.
  2. Absent; gone; at a distance; as, the master is away from home.
  3. Aside; off; in another direction.
  4. From a state or condition of being; out of existence.
  5. By ellipsis of the verb, equivalent to an imperative: Go or come away; begone; take away.
  6. On; in continuance; without intermission or delay; as, sing away.
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Away Translations

away in Afrikaans is ver
away in Danish is bort
away in Dutch is verwijderd, heen, vandoor, over
away in Finnish is pois
away in French is loin, acheminement
away in German is entfernt/weg, fort, entfernt, weg, weg
away in Italian is perso, lontano, strada
away in Latin is absentis, absens
away in Portuguese is afastado, longe
away in Spanish is lejos, camino
away in Swedish is borta, bort