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Definition of Await


  1. To watch for; to look out for.
  2. To wait on, serve, or attend.
  3. To wait for; to stay for; to expect. See Expect.
  4. To be in store for; to be ready or in waiting for; as, a glorious reward awaits the good.
  5. To watch.
  6. To wait (on or upon).
  7. To wait; to stay in waiting.
  8. A waiting for; ambush; watch; watching; heed.
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Await Translations

await in Afrikaans is verwag, wag, wag vir
await in Dutch is wachten, te wachten staan, afhalen
await in Finnish is odottaa
await in French is temporiser, attendre
await in German is abwarten
await in Latin is exspecto
await in Norwegian is vente
await in Portuguese is esperar, espere
await in Spanish is transcurrir
await in Swedish is avvakta