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Definition of Avowed


  1. of Avow
  2. Openly acknowledged or declared; admitted.

Avowed Quotations

Perhaps it would be better for science, that all criticism should be avowed.
Charles Babbage

I'm really not an avowed heterosexual. I'm no more proud of it than of being white or tall.
George Weinberg

No nation now sets forth to despoil another upon the avowed ground that it desires the spoils.
Elihu Root

It was also during my tenure of office that the Japanese Government agreed to the conclusion of a Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and signed it, pursuing a policy in harmony with the avowed desire of the people.
Eisaku Sato

I conceived from the outset a strong objection to Zionism. I considered it immoral that immigrants should come from abroad with the avowed intention of attaining to majority in the country and thus to dispossess the people whose country it had been since time immemorial.
Muhammad Asad
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Avowed Translations

avowed in German is bekannte

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