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Definition of Austin


  1. Augustinian; as, Austin friars.

Austin Quotations

I would say of characters I've created, the one I've felt the most connected to emotionally was Adam Austin from 'The Prophet.' I think it was the connection to the idea that one decision you make innocently enough can have very serious, drastic consequences for someone else's life.
Michael Koryta

Mike Myers as Austin Powers makes me laugh - that was genius - and Daffy Duck makes me laugh, but I like odd behavior. I don't like hip dialogue and one-liners and all that sort of cool, sophomoric comedy. It's just not for me.
Nicolas Cage

Austin is such a free and creative place, but I can't enjoy it as much because everyone I love is back in L.A.
Kyle Chandler

I always love to come to Austin.
R. Lee Ermey

Austin sounds a little bit like Aston Martin, which is the type of car James Bond would drive.
Mike Myers
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