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Definition of Attributable


  1. Capable of being attributed; ascribable; imputable.

Attributable Quotations

Almost everything that distinguishes the modern world from earlier centuries is attributable to science, which achieved its most spectacular triumphs in the seventeenth century.
Bertrand Russell

If you're worried about the deficit, pay attention to the fact that it's almost all attributable to military spending and the totally dysfunctional health program.
Noam Chomsky

Every general increase of freedom is accompanied by some degeneracy, attributable to the same causes as the freedom.
Charles Horton Cooley

Osteoporosis, as the third threat, is particularly attributable to women's physiology.
Gro Harlem Brundtland

The broadest pattern of history - namely, the differences between human societies on different continents - seems to me to be attributable to differences among continental environments, and not to biological differences among peoples themselves.
Jared Diamond
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Attributable Translations

attributable in German is beilegbar, zuschreibbar, zuschreibbar
attributable in Spanish is atribuible
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