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Definition of Attorneys


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Attorneys Quotations

I think most defense attorneys honestly believe the principle that says, 'Better 10 guilty go free than even one possibly innocent person be convicted.'
Alan Dershowitz

We aren't upset when Paramount makes a $200 million movie that flops, but if a charity experiments with a $5 million fundraising event that fails, we call in the attorneys. So charities are petrified of trying bold new revenue-generating endeavors and can't develop the powerful learning curves the for-profit sector can.
Dan Pallotta

Actually, attorneys say, copying a purchased CD for even one friend violates the federal copyright code most of the time.
Charles Duhigg

I think most defense attorneys know, to some extent, their clients are guilty.
Matthew McConaughey

Yes, the rich will find ways to avoid paying more taxes, courtesy of clever accountants and tax attorneys. But this has always been the case, regardless of where the tax rate is set.
Robert Reich
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Attorneys Translations

attorneys in Swedish is ombud, advokater
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