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Definition of Attend


  1. To direct the attention to; to fix the mind upon; to give heed to; to regard.
  2. To care for; to look after; to take charge of; to watch over.
  3. To go or stay with, as a companion, nurse, or servant; to visit professionally, as a physician; to accompany or follow in order to do service; to escort; to wait on; to serve.
  4. To be present with; to accompany; to be united or consequent to; as, a measure attended with ill effects.
  5. To be present at; as, to attend church, school, a concert, a business meeting.
  6. To wait for; to await; to remain, abide, or be in store for.
  7. To apply the mind, or pay attention, with a view to perceive, understand, or comply; to pay regard; to heed; to listen; -- usually followed by to.
  8. To accompany or be present or near at hand, in pursuance of duty; to be ready for service; to wait or be in waiting; -- often followed by on or upon.
  9. (with to) To take charge of; to look after; as, to attend to a matter of business.
  10. To wait; to stay; to delay.
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Attend Translations

attend in Afrikaans is verpleeg, kuier, bywoon
attend in Dutch is verplegen, zorgen voor, verzorgen
attend in French is visiter, soigner
attend in German is bedienen, erledigen, teilnehmen
attend in Latin is prosequor (prosecutus), prevenire
attend in Portuguese is atenda
attend in Spanish is asistir, visitar, participar