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Definition of Attaching


  1. of Attach

Attaching Quotations

Music is a means of giving form to our inner feelings, without attaching them to events or objects in the world.
George Santayana

One thing you have to give up is attaching importance to what people see in you.
Jeanne Moreau

I know that attaching memories to books may be going out of the world, but while it lasts, it's a strong record of your life.
Jeffrey Eugenides

A necessary consequent of religious belief is the attaching ideas of merit to that belief, and of demerit to its absence.
Frances Wright

Oftentimes, when you have a huge studio film and you have big names attached, they like to keep attaching big names.
Taraji P. Henson
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Attaching Translations

attaching in French is attachant

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