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Definition of Astute


  1. Critically discerning; sagacious; shrewd; subtle; crafty.

Astute Quotations

One of the funny things about the stock market is that every time one person buys, another sells, and both think they are astute.
William Feather

Perhaps I can say that I am a bit astute, that I can adapt to circumstances, but it is also true that I am a bit naive. Yes, but the best summary, the one that comes more from the inside and I feel most true is this: I am a sinner whom the Lord has looked upon.
Pope Francis

My head's not in the clouds, but I think I've gotten too much credit for being an astute businessman.
Steven Spielberg

As astute followers of 'Life in Hell' will notice, Akbar and Jeff wear the same striped T-shirt as Charlie Brown. 'Peanuts' was very important to me.
Matt Groening

I respect the astute and rigorously unsentimental David Horowitz as one of America's most original and courageous political analysts. He has the true 1960s spirit - audacious and irreverent, yet passionately engaged and committed to social change.
Camille Paglia
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Astute Translations

astute in Dutch is scherpzinnig, schrander, pienter
astute in Italian is perspicace
astute in Spanish is astuto, perspicaz
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