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Definition of Asthma


  1. A disease, characterized by difficulty of breathing (due to a spasmodic contraction of the bronchi), recurring at intervals, accompanied with a wheezing sound, a sense of constriction in the chest, a cough, and expectoration.

Asthma Quotations

I'm still a farm boy at heart. If I hadn't suffered from asthma as a child, I would be a farmer today.
Jim Davis

When we breathe it in, soot can interfere with our lungs and increase the risk of asthma attacks, lung cancer and even premature death. The smallest particles can pass into the blood stream and cause heart disease, stroke and reproductive complications.
Sheldon Whitehouse

There are few restrictions on your life with asthma, as long as you take care of yourself.
Jackie Joyner-Kersee

I was diagnosed with asthma when I was 18 during my freshman year at UCLA. I refused to accept it - and I hid it from my coaches and teammates. But ignoring my problem didn't make it go away.
Jackie Joyner-Kersee

I don't know whether other asthma sufferers find this, but I've noticed that even when I've got my asthma under control, I often develop another problem such as an ear, chest or sinus infection and sometimes even joint pains.
Kevin McCloud
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Asthma Translations

asthma in Danish is astma
asthma in Dutch is astma, aamborstigheid
asthma in French is asthme, asthma
asthma in German is Asthma {n}
asthma in Hungarian is asztma
asthma in Italian is asma
asthma in Spanish is asma, astma
asthma in Swedish is astma
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