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Definition of Assay


  1. Trial; attempt; essay.
  2. Examination and determination; test; as, an assay of bread or wine.
  3. Trial by danger or by affliction; adventure; risk; hardship; state of being tried.
  4. Tested purity or value.
  5. The act or process of ascertaining the proportion of a particular metal in an ore or alloy; especially, the determination of the proportion of gold or silver in bullion or coin.
  6. The alloy or metal to be assayed.
  7. To try; to attempt; to apply.
  8. To affect.
  9. To try tasting, as food or drink.
  10. To subject, as an ore, alloy, or other metallic compound, to chemical or metallurgical examination, in order to determine the amount of a particular metal contained in it, or to ascertain its composition.
  11. To attempt, try, or endeavor.

Assay Translations

assay in German is Untersuchung
assay in Spanish is ensayar