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Definition of Aspen


  1. Alt. of Asp
  2. Of or pertaining to the aspen, or resembling it; made of aspen wood.

Aspen Quotations

Check out London, Manhattan, Aspen and East Hampton real estate prices, as well as high-end art prices, to see what the leading edge of hyperinflation could look like.
Paul Singer

My favorite Aspen memory is saving an upside-down cake that had exploded from the high altitude.
Emeril Lagasse

I split my time between Santa Barbara and Aspen. I live on a pretty fast horse.
Kevin Costner

I love hiking in the mountains in Aspen. Breathing the clean, fresh air is great. Plus, it gives me a cardiovascular workout and firms my legs.
Chris Evert

This June, I'll travel once again to the Food and Wine Magazine Classic in Aspen, Colorado. For many years, my dear friend Julia Child and I have teamed up to teach classes together at the event; for the past seven years, my daughter, Claudine, has been my cooking partner on stage.
Jacques Pepin
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Aspen Translations

aspen in Dutch is ratelpopulier, esp
aspen in Finnish is haapa
aspen in German is Espe
aspen in Italian is tremula
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