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Definition of Asparagus


  1. A genus of perennial plants belonging to the natural order Liliaceae, and having erect much branched stems, and very slender branchlets which are sometimes mistaken for leaves. Asparagus racemosus is a shrubby climbing plant with fragrant flowers. Specifically: The Asparagus officinalis, a species cultivated in gardens.
  2. The young and tender shoots of A. officinalis, which form a valuable and well-known article of food.
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Asparagus Translations

asparagus in Danish is asparges
asparagus in Dutch is asperge
asparagus in Finnish is parsa
asparagus in French is asperge
asparagus in German is Spargel
asparagus in Italian is asparago
asparagus in Norwegian is asparges
asparagus in Portuguese is espargo, espargos
asparagus in Swedish is sparris