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Definition of Articulated


  1. of Articulate
  2. United by, or provided with, articulations; jointed; as, an articulated skeleton.
  3. Produced, as a letter, syllable, or word, by the organs of speech; pronounced.

Articulated Quotations

I think that more diversity is a good thing, and fresh points of view articulated by people who are committed to excellence in journalism is a beneficial change in the American media landscape.
Al Gore

And the biggest improvement I see between 'Up in the Air' and 'Juno' and 'Thank You for Smoking' is that 'Up in the Air' deals with the complicated human stuff in a way that my other films have not. It's a more articulated film, and because of that, I'm most proud of it.
Jason Reitman

Evolution thus is merely contingent on certain processes articulated by Darwin: variation and selection.
Ernst Mayr

A widely held, but rarely articulated, belief in our society is that the ideal self is bold, alpha, gregarious. Introversion is viewed somewhere between disappointment and pathology.
Susan Cain

According to the concept of transformational evolution, first clearly articulated by Lamarck, evolution consists of the gradual transformation of organisms from one condition of existence to another.
Ernst Mayr
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Articulated Translations

articulated in German is artikulierten, artikulierte

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