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Definition of Arteries


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Arteries Quotations

When I'm home, I spend Sunday with my husband. If we're not cooking, we travel around in our camper, stop at fast-food restaurants, and picnic. We love that stuff that will harden your arteries in a hurry.
Dolly Parton

A man is as old as his arteries.
Thomas Sydenham

Aging nations have arteries clogged with obsolete laws, slowing blood flow and preventing oxygen from reaching all parts of the body politic. Physicians call this arteriosclerosis; historians see decline of empire.
Jim Cooper

I actually believe 'Sustainability', as a concept, is one of the arteries leading to the heart of so many of our cultural transitions at play today. And it's this concept which leads me to bottled water, and its multibillion dollar industry.
Brandon Boyd

As the arteries grow hard, the heart grows soft.
H. L. Mencken
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Arteries Translations

arteries in German is Hauptverkehrsadern, Arterien {pl}
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