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Definition of Arrogant


  1. Making, or having the disposition to make, exorbitant claims of rank or estimation; giving one's self an undue degree of importance; assuming; haughty; -- applied to persons.
  2. Containing arrogance; marked with arrogance; proceeding from undue claims or self-importance; -- applied to things; as, arrogant pretensions or behavior.
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Arrogant Translations

arrogant in Afrikaans is pretensieus
arrogant in Dutch is aanmatigend, arrogant
arrogant in French is arrogant
arrogant in Italian is arrogante, fierezza
arrogant in Latin is ferox, superbus, elatus
arrogant in Norwegian is hoven, hovmodig
arrogant in Portuguese is arrogante
arrogant in Spanish is altanero, arrogante