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Definition of Arrive


  1. To come to the shore or bank. In present usage: To come in progress by water, or by traveling on land; to reach by water or by land; -- followed by at (formerly sometimes by to), also by in and from.
  2. To reach a point by progressive motion; to gain or compass an object by effort, practice, study, inquiry, reasoning, or experiment.
  3. To come; said of time; as, the time arrived.
  4. To happen or occur.
  5. To bring to shore.
  6. To reach; to come to.
  7. Arrival.
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Arrive Translations

arrive in Afrikaans is arriveer, beland, aankom
arrive in Danish is ankomme
arrive in Dutch is aankomen, belanden, arriveren
arrive in French is arriver, arrivons, arrivent, arrivez
arrive in German is ankommen, eintreffen, ankommen
arrive in Italian is arrivare, giungere
arrive in Latin is advenio
arrive in Norwegian is ankomme
arrive in Portuguese is chegue
arrive in Spanish is llegar