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Definition of Ardor


  1. Heat, in a literal sense; as, the ardor of the sun's rays.
  2. Warmth or heat of passion or affection; eagerness; zeal; as, he pursues study with ardor; the fought with ardor; martial ardor.
  3. Bright and effulgent spirits; seraphim.

Ardor Quotations

Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and diligence.
Abigail Adams

Children are remarkable for their intelligence and ardor, for their curiosity, their intolerance of shams, the clarity and ruthlessness of their vision.
Aldous Huxley

God forgive me if I do wrong in following with ardor the strongest instincts of my nature.
Julia Ward Howe

It is the unknown that excites the ardor of scholars, who, in the known alone, would shrivel up with boredom.
Wallace Stevens

Tolerance - the function of an extinguished ardor - tolerance cannot seduce the young.
Emile M. Cioran
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Ardor Translations

ardor in French is ivresse
ardor in German is Hitze, Begeisterung
ardor in Italian is entusiasmo
ardor in Spanish is ardor, exaltacion
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