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Definition of Archeological


  1. Same as Archaeology, etc.

Archeological Quotations

We were in the Arabian Desert for nine months. And I was having the time of my life. It could have been an archeological expedition, a military expedition.
Peter O'Toole

History is malleable. A new cache of diaries can shed new light, and archeological evidence can challenge our popular assumptions.
Ken Burns

As an undergraduate, I had an opportunity to go on a number of archeological digs. So I had experience excavating, digging up remains of ancient Indian villages in the Midwest and in the Southwest.
Donald Johanson

I've always felt you unearth story, like you're on an archeological dig.
Andrew Stanton

I had this idea that I could hire myself out as a person to go on archeological digs and dig, without any training! I actually wrote to a number of archeology departments and offered up my services.
Jennifer Egan
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Archeological Translations

archeological in Swedish is arkeologisk
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