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Definition of Appease


  1. To make quiet; to calm; to reduce to a state of peace; to still; to pacify; to dispel (anger or hatred); as, to appease the tumult of the ocean, or of the passions; to appease hunger or thirst.

Appease Quotations

It does surprise me that intelligent people in the 21st century could claim that if you respond to the terrorists with force, you spawn terrorism, but if you appease them, you somehow tame them. This argument, as I said, is very interesting, and very surprising.
Meles Zenawi

I think that if you can achieve a balance, then you appease a lot of yourself and your career and what it takes to maintain in this business for a while.
Ray Liotta

I sing what I sing. And that's recitals and orchestra concerts. To appease - no, that's not the right word - let's say to satisfy - any opera urgings that my public has, I'll put in an aria.
Kathleen Battle

It is a sad day for our country when the moral foundation of our law and the acknowledgment of God has to be hidden from public view to appease a federal judge.
Soledad O'Brien

All attempts to appease the Nazis between 1934 and 1939 through various agreements and pacts were morally unacceptable and politically senseless, harmful and dangerous.
Vladimir Putin
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Appease Translations

appease in French is apaisent, apaiser, apaisez, apaisons
appease in Latin is placo
appease in Spanish is aplacar
appease in Swedish is lindra, lugna, blidka
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