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Definition of Apology


  1. Something said or written in defense or justification of what appears to others wrong, or of what may be liable to disapprobation; justification; as, Tertullian's Apology for Christianity.
  2. An acknowledgment intended as an atonement for some improper or injurious remark or act; an admission to another of a wrong or discourtesy done him, accompanied by an expression of regret.
  3. Anything provided as a substitute; a makeshift.
  4. To offer an apology.
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Apology Translations

apology in Danish is undskyldning
apology in Dutch is verontschuldiging
apology in French is excuse
apology in German is Entschuldigung, Rechtfertigung
apology in Italian is scusa
apology in Spanish is disculpa, excusa