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Definition of Aphrodisiac


  1. Alt. of Aphrodisiacal
  2. That which (as a drug, or some kinds of food) excites to venery.

Aphrodisiac Quotations

There is no aphrodisiac like innocence.
Jean Baudrillard

I want to be an artist, not... a celluloid aphrodisiac.
Marilyn Monroe

Power is the great aphrodisiac.
Henry A. Kissinger

He's really sort of the devil. He's completely emotionally detached. He has no empathy. You find that in psychopaths. It's about power with Voldemort. It's an aphrodisiac for him. Power makes him feel alive.
Ralph Fiennes

Money is not an aphrodisiac: the desire it may kindle in the female eye is more for the cash than the carrier.
Marya Mannes
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Aphrodisiac Translations

aphrodisiac in French is aphrodisiaque
aphrodisiac in Swedish is afrodisiakum
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