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Definition of Aphorism


  1. A comprehensive maxim or principle expressed in a few words; a sharply defined sentence relating to abstract truth rather than to practical matters.

Aphorism Quotations

The aphorism in which I am the first master among Germans, are the forms of 'eternity'; my ambition is to say in ten sentences what everyone else says in a book - what everyone else does not say in a book.
Friedrich Nietzsche

My premise is that the popular aphorism that 'all religions are fundamentally the same and only superficially different' simply is not true. It is more correct to say that all religions are, at best, superficially similar but fundamentally different.
Ravi Zacharias

The laughter of the aphorism is sometimes triumphant, but seldom carefree.
Mason Cooley

There are aphorisms that, like airplanes, stay up only while they are in motion.
Vladimir Nabokov

I lost many literary battles the day I read 'Their Eyes Were Watching God.' I had to concede that occasionally aphorisms have their power. I had to give up the idea that Keats had a monopoly on the lyrical.
Zadie Smith
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Aphorism Translations

aphorism in Dutch is aforisme, spreuk, kernspreuk
aphorism in French is aphorisme
aphorism in German is Gedankensplitter
aphorism in Spanish is aforismo
aphorism in Swedish is aforism