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Definition of Anthology


  1. A discourse on flowers.
  2. A collection of flowers; a garland.
  3. A collection of flowers of literature, that is, beautiful passages from authors; a collection of poems or epigrams; -- particularly applied to a collection of ancient Greek epigrams.
  4. A service book containing a selection of pieces for the festival services.

Anthology Quotations

The Psalms, the anthology of the hymns of Israel, are still used by Christians.
Kenneth Scott Latourette

When I was about 14, in about 1984, I decided to become a great poet. Faber & Faber was going to publish me, and when Ted Hughes read my first anthology he would invite me to Yorkshire for meat pies and mentorship.
David Mitchell

A well chosen anthology is a complete dispensary of medicine for the more common mental disorders, and may be used as much for prevention as cure.
Robert Graves

Anthology shows as a whole scare people. The networks can't quite get their heads around it.
Todd McFarlane

You apply the skills you use to produce your own book to make an anthology. Shaping. Rhythm.
Robyn Davidson
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Anthology Translations

anthology in Dutch is antologie, bloemlezing
anthology in French is anthologie
anthology in German is Gedichtsammlung
anthology in Swedish is antologi

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