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Definition of Annoy


  1. To disturb or irritate, especially by continued or repeated acts; to tease; to ruffle in mind; to vex; as, I was annoyed by his remarks.
  2. To molest, incommode, or harm; as, to annoy an army by impeding its march, or by a cannonade.
  3. A feeling of discomfort or vexation caused by what one dislikes; also, whatever causes such a feeling; as, to work annoy.
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Annoy Translations

annoy in Danish is plage
annoy in Dutch is ergeren, verontwaardigen
annoy in French is ennuyent, ennuyez, offusquer, ennuyons, chagriner
annoy in Italian is arrabiare, molestare
annoy in Latin is pungo pupugi punctum, laedo ledo, vexo
annoy in Portuguese is irrite
annoy in Spanish is enfadar, porrear